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Kitchmart Trading Corp
Quality Products Great Price Fast Delivery
Kitchmart Trading Corp., products are design in the USA and manufactured by our partners throughout Asia and imported to our key distribution centers in Houston and New York. Control of manufacturing and transportation gives us a high degree of cost certainty and quality assurance vis-a-vis our competitors. Within our areas of coverage, we consistantly maintain the lowest cost base for products of comparable qualities.

Understanding our clients' purchasing behavior is the key to our new products. For Kitchmart, it begins with a promise to assist foodservice distributors in providing restaurants and supermarkets with products of good quality and great price.

Non-Food Products

Produce Roll Bag, Poly Bag, Shopping Bag, Microwaveable Soup & Food Container
Garbage Bag & Can Liner, Anti-Fog Dome Lid
, PS & PP Plastic Spoon, Fork & Knives,  Meal Kit, Stretch Wrap, Stainless Steel Scrubber, Coffee & Cocktail Stirrer, Wrapped Straw, Napkin, Scouring Pad & Steel Scrubber.